digital spirits . by villager

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villager has ghost produced bangers for some of the most popular dj's...

if i told you... you wouldn't even believe me.

you have heard villager, whether you know it or not.

he has (publicly) worked with cashmere cat, benny blanco, and halsey. 

he's shared the stage with big daddies like Skrillex, Diplo, Kaytranada, Flosstradamus, Mr. Carmack, and Die Antwoord.

now, after releasing music on boys noize records & Eden's label MCMXC, he's somehow found his way here... to to release this pack of who tf knows.

seriously i dont even know what's in here. i just told him to throw all his gear on the floor and trip on them every time he stood up from his chair (until it sounded dope.) 

that includes an Octatrack, Analog Heat, Prophet, Microfreak, Digitakt, and the Stereo Pultec EQ... all smashed to bits by healthy amounts of tripping ;)

take a page out of your favorite dj's book, and put villager in your music.

341 total samples

  • Bass One Shots: 43
  • Bass Loops: 17
  • Drum One Shots: 30
  • Drum Loops: 38
  • Instrument One Shots: 10
  • Instrument Loops: 17
  • Synth One Shots: 27
  • Synth Loops: 28
  • Pads: 38
  • Textures: 33
  • Miscellaneous: 60