a room.

a room reverb


windows. (vst)

mac. (au)

this room was built to get her wet, and keep you dry.

using a combo of pre-delayminimal walls, and focused filtering, this reverb plugin keeps your subject wet, without muddying up the mix.

increasing the "blur" makes for a wetter experience, while bringing it down creates a raw, in your face effect.

the "depth" and "rate" knobs will warp your room into a building across the street. turn off the "filter" to destroy the walls.



extract the downloaded .zip file, and place the folder titled "a room." into the same folder all of your other plugins are located in.

if you're on a mac, drop a room into your "components" folder.


after doing this, open up your daw and refresh plugins. this method varies in each daw. here are some helpful links.

vst locations

mac location

fl studio



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