about nut.fm

the idea for nut.fm began during a livestream, and has grown from a twitch chat joke into a large team and community. our goal is to provide unique & impressive tools for music producers.

nut.fm is owned and operated by me, connor.

i've been producing since 2009, and started nut.fm the day i graduated from berklee, having studied electronic music production & sound design.

nut.fm was started as a way to share my love of sound. our first product launched in may, 2019, with the release of "digital atmosphere"

many other sound designers have contributed to packs, and are mentioned in the pack's description. come meet & chat with the team in our discord! 

we're launching new content every month!

if you need to talk to me for whatever reason, please email connor@nut.fm 

if you wanna watch me work, follow me on twitch.


obligatory desk pic