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classic chiptune

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make music with sounds from classic video games.

every sound in the demo is a serum preset included in this pack.

we re-created the start-up sounds from retro game consoles like the game boy advance & the nintendo ds. classic sound fx's from mario, donkey kong, pac-manduck hunt, pong, etc; all available as serum presets for you to use.

some of the presets include · mario's pipe, 1-up, & shell stomp. sonic's jump, pacman's walk, charmander's cry... even sticky keys!

sounds range from the very first video game up to the nintendo 64. we referenced the nes, gameboy, windows 95, and everything in between.

use the "combo" presets for full explosions of 8-bit goodness. these have arps, basses, leads and fx; all combined into boss-level presets.

you'll also get all of the classic drum sounds; those crushed snares, hi hats, and thumpy kicks you hear in old-school 8-bit music.

in addition to these presets, you'll also get every classic lead, bass, and arp found in hallmark chiptune tracks; from pokemon's route 1 to donkey kong's aquatic ambiance.

103 total serum presets

  • 25 leads

  • 26 fx

  • 15 basses

  • 17 drums

  • 10 arps

  • 10 combos

· some notable sound effects include ·

nintendo ds's startup · gamebody color / gameboy advance startup · mario's 1-up · mario's coin · mario's pipe · mario's shell · pokemon crystal's startup · charmander's cry · pokemon select · pokemon's battle lead · sonic's jump · sonic's warp · pacman's walk · duck hunt's dog laugh · pong · space invaders · sticky keys · virtual riot's pluck · and 79 more !

each preset uses stock wavetables for easy installation. just export folder to documents/xfer/serum presets/presets

requires xfer records' serum

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