essential lofi

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each one of these presets was carefully extracted from a kitten's dreams. 

every sound in the demo is a serum preset included in this pack.. (even the drums)

plucked guitars, lofi leads, electric keys, analog noise, & soft drums. all available as serum presets.

we modeled real instruments, such as a music box, guitars, and the celesta; the perfect lullaby instrument.

check out the synthesized vinyl noise; giving you the ability to change the crackle's frequency, speed, & tone.

unique fx such as birds chirping, vinyl crackles, a rain forest, and even the discord notification sound?

loving the new animal crossing? we recreated k.k. slider's voice & guitar for you to use in your own music!

we recreated a ton of sounds, such as the sound of tinnitus, with tweakable macros to make it sound exactly like what you fall asleep to every night! ;)

each preset uses stock wavetables for easy installation. just export folder to documents/xfer/serum presets/presets

84 total presets comprised of 

  • 20 drums
  • 17 leads
  • 16 keys
  • 10 basses
  • 10 fx
  • 6 arps
  • 5 pads

essential serum bundle

the pack you're looking at is in this bundle of 500+ presets! click to save money!

i need 500 new sounds