bedroom percussion

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download the sounds of me kicking my door, smashing a laptop, and throwing dirty clothes on the ground.

for adding organic drums to any genre. 

kicks made out of cardboard, pillows, trash cans and doors. cymbals made from backpacks, clothes, tissues, and coins. hi hats made of actual hats. all recorded in an authentic, messy bedroom.

try making chill hop or garage with these rims, or layer "crunchy laptop" foley on your future bass snares. reverse the glass or zipper samples before your neurohop drums, and make organic hip hop using dad hats instead of hi hats.

400+ samples

includes 110 drums, made out of common bedroom items.

also includes 284 percussive foley recordings of my bedroom.

  • 24 bit .wav @ 44.1 khz
  • 436 total samples
  • 303 foley one-shots
  • 123 drums
  • 10 loops


demo track includes melodic sounds from "digital atmosphere" as well as future sample/preset packs from all percussive sounds are included in this pack.


sounds made from 

various desk items
and more