colorful house music to dance (and cry) to

1 million+ streams

Grem is one of the first producers to come from Twitch’s music scene.

In 2017, Deadmau5 infamously tuned in, describing the song he was working on as “contrived and unoriginal.”

“Good Enough” went on to receive over 1 million streams as a self released single, and found support from Martin Garrix & Ninja.

grem began as a glitch hop producer, releasing on labels, adapted records, simplify recordings.


he did remixes for au5, yoe mase, fractal, bh, & more, until focusing on his original melodic house music.


Grem’s hyperpop band, badxyou, got significant support for their single “BETTER” with hyperpop legend, 8485.

EDMsauce, Your EDM, New Noise, Rain Mag, Variance Magazine, Beyond The Stage, & CULTR have all praised his productions.


contrived and unoriginal

- deadmau5

showcasing glitchy video game samples, heavy auto tune, and insatiable guitar licks, pushing the envelope of pop music

- rain mag

bringing a different edge to the broader electronic scene

- cultr

magically blending and shaping their unique sound between 8-bit video game bleeps, sugary synths, bright and colorful drum ‘n’ bass beats

- new noise magazine