ambient colors

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this pack sounds like a sad unicorn farting rainbows through outer space.

it's full of beautiful leads, pads, atmospheres, drones, and emotions that will add a touch of magic to any genre. Whether you're into lofi, ambient, hip hop, edm, or making a minecraft inspired EP, this pack has got you covered.

Think of this like a box of crayons for your music. Just grab a color, eat it, and let your creativity pour out of you 12 hours later. Every sound was crafted with love and inspiration from classic synths like the OP-1, Arturia Minifreak, and the Prophet. It's like they got together and had a jam session on a broken tape machine, creating the most beautiful soundscapes you've ever heard.

So, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let the ambient colors transport you to another world. or just play minecraft.

70 total presets

  • 23 pads

  • 22 keys

  • 8 leads

  • 6 basses

  • 3 plucks

  • 2 bells

  • 4 drums

  • 2 fx