analog house

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with the release of this sample pack, millions of triggered audio nerds throughout the internet have finally agreed... analog is better than digital!


just kidding. we will never stop arguing about the things our hypothetical girlfriends will never find interesting.

however, if you're looking to impress a lady with your dancey analog grooves, downloading this pack will help tremendously. 

121 amazing sounds, all created using analog / digital analog synthesis.

here's a list of some hardware used in the making of this pack ! 

akai mpc60 • moog voyager • prophet 6 • juno 106 • e-mu sp-1200 • op-1

*real patch cables were used in the making of this pack*

121 total samples, including kicks, claps, cymbals, various percussion, synth one-shots, melodic loops, & drum loops. check out the demo track for a small taste of what's included!