buried drums

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166 dark, filtered drum samples that will rupture the crust and hit you straight in your core!


this pack contains kicks, rims, foley, cymbals, and loops packed with ghost hits.

this pack was heavily inspired by the drums of burial (the legend.) use this pack to make the dirtiest garage / future garage / dark hip hop. (even lo-fi!)

each loop is bpm labelled to help you stay efficient and effective while making absolute bangers.

wait a sec!! you can download this for free just by joining our discord. head to the "freebies" section and you'll find a tasty code for 100% off ;)

166 total samples

  • 24 kicks
  • 18 rims
  • 52 cymbals
  • 24 loops
  • 13 percs
  • 14 foley samples
  • 21 noises