digital atmosphere

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blurred atmospheres, intimate digital spaces, paul-stretched pianos & glittery delays.

each atmosphere was created by using a combination of digital sounds, acoustic instruments, & creative noise.

each sample is labeled by its key/chord, making it easy to chop, repitch, and layer on top of whatever track needs more digital space.

use these samples as background ambiance, or turn them up to use as atmospheric chords.

check out the demo track to hear them used from the forefront to lush, sensual backgrounds.

heavily inspired by the melodic atmospheres used by virtual riot, flume, getter, & odesza.
100+ samples

includes every sound heard in the demo. drums, percussion, bass, etc.

includes a bonus project file of the demo track. (fl studio 20)

  • 24 bit .wav @ 44.1 khz
  • 103 total samples
  • 35 major atmospheres
  • 23 minor atmospheres
  • 45 drums
  • 5 serum presets that were used in the demo
  • labeled by key + major/minor