distorted disorder

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hectic noise, deranged drums, & confused basslines.

this pack contains a disorder of every sample you need to rip someones ego out of their sense of self. break down your listener's mental state with trashy breakbeats, obscure effects, and stupid glitches. all distorted of course.

the basses are bone-crushing. the sequences and "melodies" are hardly even melodic. the drums range from painful acoustic cymbals to potent digital snares. 

you probably don't make music heavy enough to use these samples.

you'll probably have to do a lot of filtering and turning down to even put one of these samples in your spineless project file.

we used operator, harmor, sytrus, serum, fm8, ott, trash 2, and a mess of hard-clippers, guitar amps, and granulizers.

disorderly sounds designed by viticz.

·distorted disorder contains 200 total samples. 

·47 loops

·53 one shots

·100 drums