electronic wasteland

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ever wonder what music will sound like... after the apocalypse?

we hopped in a time machine, went just past the nuclear holocaust, and turned on the radio; hoping to hear some top 40 hits. 

we found broken drum machines, leftover radio transmissions, crippled cyborgs, and weird, nuclear synthesizers. we even got recordings of the landscape... metallic caves, leftover bombs, murky biomes, and radioactive wind.

we made it back to the present with over 400 samples. arpeggios, basses, fx, glitches, leads, radio signals, and loads of drums.

don't even try to release songs with these samples before the fallout, just use them to get ahead of the game.

  • 163 drums (kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, loops, percs)
  • 102 various "melodic" samples (basses, chords, arps, sequences)
  • 57 fractured radio transmissions
  • 94 weird fx & glitches

this is by far the biggest pack nut.fm has ever made.