fruity future

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tangy drums, moist basslines & tasty leads.

this pack is a fruit basket full of futuristic samples.

the "melodic loops" folder contains 82 loops, which have all been organized by key & tempo. these are meant to be eaten together as a single meal. (or snacked on individually!)

you won't get this flavor of drums from anywhere else. they were all synthesized in a lab using tools like the op-1, & genetically modified with creative post-processing.

heavily inspired by flume, underscores, zotti, chuck sutton, & j-e-t-s.

these 808s are not your regular boring 808s. they were grown using methods not typically used for 808s, and have been creatively processed to satisfy your thirst.

this collection also includes one-shot leads & organic fx to add to your fruity loops.

works in any daw. (fl studio, ableton, logic, etc.)

183 total files; harvested for your production needs!

  • 82 melodic loops
  • 26 melodic one-shots
  • 56 drums
  • 12 fx
  • 7 808s