hyperpop 101

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it's the new wave of the future!

or maybe you just hate yourself?

either way, hyperpop is a lot of fun to make, if you're trying to feel good.
we pooped out 205 glitchy, edgy, stupid hyperpop samples for you to squash to your sad little heart's content.
drums, loops, basses, guitars, vocals... all royalty free samples ready to get thrown into little alterboy and ott'd to the moon.
don't forget your saturator! (we didn't)

we took inspiration from hyperpop legends like sophie, underscores, 100 gecs, charli xcx, ag cook, danny l harle, blackwinterwells, dltzk, & badxyou. (ik ik that last band is doodoo)

205 total samples

  • 33 basses
  • 39 loops
  • 8 vocals
  • 20 glitches/atmos
  • 46 guitar loops
  • 59 drums

 s/o to skeets for designing this pack! & rhythmics for the vocals!