sleepy lofi

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can't fall asleep? dont. 

sleep is a waste of time.

spend tonight making lofi beats alone in your bedroom, wishing your cat was peacefully sleeping on your desk instead of manically tearing through your home.

lofi is that genre where it doesn't matter how good your song is, nobody will ever remember what the title was. might as well just export that song now and flush it down the toilet of endless lofi playlists.

i'm kidding, of course. why would i de-incentivize you from making lofi seconds before you download our sleepy lofi presets? vital is free, by the way, so you don't even need to buy serum to use these.

the best part about lofi presets is that you can use them in literally any other genre. they're just nice, soft, pleasant sounds. need a melody in-between drops? use lofi presets! making hip hop loops for rappers who will either never pay you or never release any music? use lofi presets!

seriously, these are the best lofi presets ever. idk what else to say about them. just listen to the demo and click on buy.

or, if you use serum, check out our essential lofi serum pack.

64 total presets

  • 12 basses

  • 12 keys

  • 10 leads

  • 12 pads

  • 9 percs

  • 9 sfx