essential synthwave

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here is a bunch of words about how lush and florescent these presets are.

80's 80's 80's nut except none of use were alive in the 80's so this is how we get our gated reverb fix.

wanna feel nostalgic about an era you didn't exist in? you've come to the right place.

sounds modeled after popular moog patches, 80's pop classics, and modern synthwave hits. classic filter plucks, tape bend emulation, and the occasional stroke of fm.

every sound heard in the demo is included as a serum preset (even the drums)

i'm talkin the midnight, chvrches, home, gunship, mitch murder, blah blah blah cars, sunsets, & tron grids. 

each preset uses stock wavetables for easy installation. just export folder to documents/xfer/serum presets/presets

100 serum presets comprised of

  • 25 basses
  • 23 leads
  • 11 drums
  • 11 chords
  • 10 plucks
  • 10 arps
  • 5 pads
  • 5 fx

essential serum bundle

the pack you're looking at is in this bundle of 500+ presets! click to save money!

i need 500 new sounds